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2016 News Releases


10-20-16 -- The Department of Conservation's Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources has completed a project to plug two old wells that were seeping natural gas in a Los Angeles neighborhood.  

8-9-26 The Department of Conservation and partners have permanently preserved 20 California farms and ranches for agriculture with more than $37 million in cap-and-trade funds as part of a new initiative (the Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program) to reduce greenhouse gases.

8-9-16 -- State oil and gas regulators issued an emergency order to the operators of the Rincon Island oil production facility offshore of Ventura County to ensure environmental and public safety protection.  

7-8-16 -- The Department of Conservation released a pre-rulemaking "discussion draft" version of regulations for natural gas storage in California, starting a 30-day public comment period.

7-8-16 -- State regulators, in cooperation with the City of Los Angeles, will permanently seal two oil wells that were deserted by irresponsible operators and have seeped small amounts of gas in a residential neighborhood. The wells pose no imminent danger but are a nuisance and will continue to deteriorate without intervention.

6-3-16 -- Two ranches in Napa County are the first properties permanently shielded from development by the new Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program.  

5-12-16 State regulators are accepting public comments on a proposal to expand the existing aquifer exemption in the Round Mountain oil field in Kern County. The comment period runs through June 25 and includes a public meeting in Bakersfield on June 14.

4-27-16 -- The Department of Conservation announced the hiring of geothermal industry veteran Charlene Wardlow as its new Geothermal Program Manager and head of the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources' Sacramento-based Northern District office.

4-18-16 -- The Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resource plans to hold recruitment workshops in late April in Bakersfield and Long Beach.

4-18-16 -- Governor Brown signed two bills aimed at improving the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act, the state's law governing mining operations. 

4-11-16 --The State Oil & Gas Supervisor issued two orders to the Rincon Island Limited Partnership related to facilities on man-made Rincon Island and an underwater well.

 2-18-16 -- State officials, including the Department of Conservation's Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources, confirmed that a leaking natural gas storage well in the Aliso Canyon facility has been permanently sealed

2-11-16 -- The Department of Conservation issued a statement regarding Southern California Gas' announcement that it has temporarily sealed a leaking well in the Alison Canyon natural gas storage facility.

2-5-16 -- Emergency regulations for natural gas storage facilities are now in place after approval by the Office of Administrative Law.

1-21-16 -- A "discussion draft" of regulations for oil & natural gas underground injection control was released for 30-day public comment.

1-15-16 -- The California Department of Conservation issued public notice of its intent to issue emergency regulations for the state's natural gas storage facilities in response to a recent emergency proclamation by Governor Brown related to an ongoing leak in the Los Angeles area. 

2015 News Releases


12-16-15 -- With heavy rains on the way, the California Geological Survey has produced a new mapping tool that provides important information about the potential for landslides around the state. 

12-10-15 -- The California Geological Survey has issued the first two earthquake fault zone maps for the Lake Tahoe area. Currently in their preliminary form, these Alquist-Priolo maps ultimately will require site-specific geological studies before new construction can occur to protect safety and property. 

12-4-15 -- The Department of Conservation published water data related to oil and gas production required by Senate Bill1 1281 for the second quarter of 2015.  

10-28-15 -- If predictions of heavy rains throughout California this winter thanks to El Nino come true, its likely that landslides will follow. Those who live on slopes should be aware of the warning signs of impending debris flows.

10-16-15 -- Thirty-three underground injection wells were required to permanently cease operations as the Department of Conservation continued the effort to improve its regulation of the oil industry and protect California's groundwater resources.

10-8015 -- The Department of Conservation issued a Renewal Plan as part of an effort to strengthen and improve the state's oversight of oil and gas production, along with a required report to the Legislature on its regulatory efforts. Read all about it here.

9-17-15 -- The Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources levies a major fine against a Bakersfield-based operator for fraudulent reporting, other violations.

9-4-15 -- The Department of Conservation schedules workshops in three communities to receive input on plans to update Underground Injection Control regulations.

9-3-15 -- The Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources fines 30 oil companies $4,500 each for failing to report water-use data required by state law.

8-13-15 -- Department of Conservation releases first oil and gas production water data as required by Senate Bill 1281.

7-20-15 -- New State program -- aided by California Farmland Conservancy Program -- issues funding to permanently preserve agricultural properties for climate benefits.

7-9-15 -- The California Council on Science & Technology releases parts II and III of an independent study about the use of well stimulation, including hydraulic fracturing, in California.
7-1-15 -- Final regulations for the use of well stimulation treatments are now in effect, and the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources certifies a statewide Environmental Impact Report on well stimulation.

6-11-15 -- Despite some challenges, the California Land Conservation Act (Williamson Act) continues to ensure that agricultural land isn't prematurely developed, according to the latest status report from the Division of Land Resource Protection. 

6-4-15 -- Five preliminary Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zone maps -- designed to protect public safety by ensuring new construction doesn't take place across earthquake faults -- have been released for four Southern California counties.
5-26-15 -- California Geological Survey scientist provides a `geo-logical' review of the earthquake disaster movie "San Andreas."
5-21-15 -- California ranks eighth in the nation in non-fuel minerals production for 2013.
5-18-15 -- State provides update on review of underground injection to U.S. EPA.

4-21-15 -- Office of Administrative Law approves Department of Conservation emergency regulations for underground injection.

4-2-15 -- Department of Conservation announces emergency rulemaking for underground injection.

1-14-15 -- Dept. of Conservation issues Draft EIR for use of well stimulation in California.

2-9-15 -- State provides underground injection plan to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

3-3-15 -- Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources seeks to halt injection into 12 wells. 

3-9-15 -- State and federal entities, Ducks Unlimited Preserve Castro Ranch in Sutter County.

3-20-15 -- New tools help state, coastal communities prepare for threat of large tsunamis.

2014 News Releases

11-25-14 -- CA. Department of Conservation Solicits High-Speed Rail Farmland Mitigation Proposals

11-18-14 --Dept. of Conservation, USDA, Local Land Trust Permanently Preserve Fedora Farm for Agriculture

11-6-14 -- California Geological Survey Issues Official Earthquake Fault Zone Maps for L.A. Areas

10-9-14 -- California Department of Conservation Releases Latest Version of Oil and Gas Well Stimulation Regulations

7-18-14 -- California's Oil Regulator to Review Underground Injection Control Program

7-1-14 -- New Quake Scenarios for Mammoth Mountain Area

6-25-14 -- Division of Land Resource Protection issues latest report on California land-use change

6-13-14 -- Revised Proposed Regulations for Oil & Gas Well Stimulation Released for Public Comment

4-29-14 -- Construction Sand and Gravel Ranks Number One Among California Mineral Commodities

3-21-14 -- California Prepares Harbors For Future Tsunamis

1-16-14 -- 20th Anniversary of Northridge Earthquake Finds California Better Prepared, CGS Says

1-8-14 -- California Geological Survey Issues Preliminary Earthquake Fault Zone Maps for L.A.

2013 News Releases

12-11-13 -- Department of Conservation Issues Public Notice of Interim Regulations For Oil & Gas Well Stimulation

11-27-13 -- Meetings Set to Provide Comments on Scope, Content of Environmental Impact Report for Well Stimulation

11-15-13 -- Proposed Regulations for Well Stimulation Treatment in Oil, Natural Gas Production are Now Available for Public Review, Comment

11-13-13 -- California Geological Survey Completes Trench Study of Tahoe Area Earthquake Fault

9-25-2013 -- California Office of Mine Reclamation Completes Inventory of Abandoned Mines on U.S. Parks Land

9-5-2013 --  State, Ag Land Trust Permanently Set Aside Pamma-Larkin Farm Near Gridley for Agriculture

8-16-2013 -- Draft Regulations for Creation of Solar Easements Now Available for Public Review and Comment

4-25-2013 -- California Geological Survey Releases 2011 Non-Fuel Mineral Report--Boron is No. 1

4-10-2013 -- California Geological Survey Releases Two Los Angeles-Area Landslide Inventory Maps

3-25-2013 -- Fed, State, Local Land Trust Permanently Conserve Martin Farm Near Winters for Agriculture

3-5-2013 -- Some Parts of State Face Shortfall of Permitted Building Material

1-17-2013 -- Important Farmland Information Now Available Online

1-8-2013 -- State, Ag Land Trust Permanently Set Aside Fisher Ranch Near Greenfield for Agriculture

2012 News Releases

11-29-2012 -- Be Aware of Landslide Risk During Rainy Season

10-30-2012 -- California Geological Survey Issues New Seismic Hazard Zone Map for San Jose Area

9-25-2012 -- New Alquist-Priolo Fault Hazard Maps Released

9-11-2012 -- San Diego County Quarry Claims State Mine Reclamation Award

7-17-2012 -- Feds, State, Local Government Permanently Shield San Joaquin County Walnut Farm from Development

6-7-2012 --  California Geological Survey Issues Minerals Report for Stockton-Lodi Area

5-30-2012 -- Seismic Intrumentation of One Rincon Hill Tower will Provide Scientists and Engineers with Important Information

5-11-2012 -- Sutter County Farm Permanently Set Aside for Agriculture and Waterfowl Habitat

5-03-2012 -- Gold Up, But Overall Mining Productivity Down in California, According to California Geological Survey Report

2-07-2012 -- California Geological Survey Program Places Quake Instruments in Barstow Area

1-10-2012 -- California Geological Survey's Strong Motion Instrumentation Program Placing Earthquake Instruments All Around the Bay Area  

2011 News Releases

12-30-2011 -- Eastern Sierra Land Trust Teams with State and Federal and Protects Centennial Ranch Farm In Bridgeport Valley

12-28-2011 -- Timothy R. Kustic Named Head of California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources

12-14-2011 -- Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust teams with State and Local Government to Protect Historic Contra Costa County Farmland--the 132-acre Nunn Kami-Grigsby Family Farm

12-13-2011 -- Sequoia Riverland Trust Teams with State, Federal Agencies in Wasco to Protect treasured National Resource: Food Production

10-6-2011 -- Sequoia Riverland Trust Teams with State, Federal Agencies to shield Howe Ranch Family Farm From Development

9-14-2011 -- Baja Earthquake May Pose Unexpected Threat to Agriculture

9-12-2011 -- Sequoia Riverlands Trust, State, and Federal Agencies shield Schnitzler Family Farm in Fresno and Tulare Counties from development

8-18-2011 -- Tehama County Farm Protected by funding from the Northern CA Regional Land Trust and the CA DOC's CA Farmland Conservancy Program

7-8-2011 -- California Farmland Conservancy Program, Federal funding, and Chico-based land trust create permanent easement to shield 145-acre Comanche Creek farm

6-28-2011 -- Bay Area landslide inventory maps released

5-31-2011 -- Office of Mine Reclamation, Bureau of Land Management seal old Tuolumne County mines to ensure public safety and protect wildlife

5-31-2011 -- California ranks fourth in the nation in non-fuel minerals production

5-26-2011 -- Jim Pompy named Assistant Director, Office of Mine Reclamation

5-19-2011 -- California Geological Survey Releases New Map Showing Landslide Susceptibility in California

4-20-2011 --  Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program Report Shows Decrease in Irrigated Farmland Acres between 2006-2008

4-19-2011 --  California Geological Survey Places Seismic Monitors on Hayward Fault

2-11-2011 --  Division of Land Resource Protection announces Watershed Coordinator Grants.pdf

2-10-2011 --  California Geological Survey makes Alquist-Priolo maps available online.pdf

2010 News Releases

12-14-2010 -- California Geological Survey warns--Rainy season increases landslide risk

12-01-2010 -- California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources cleans up abandoned facility in Ventura County

10-05-2010 -- State/Federal Project to seal abandoned mines protects bat & owl habitat as well as human safety

08-31-2010 -- Division of Land Resource Protection seeking proposals for $9 million in watershed coordinator grants

04-27-2010 -- California Geological Survey celebrates 150th Anniversary at The Tech Museum, San Jose

01-28-2010 -- Seismic monitors installed at Port of Long Beach; data will help make future structures even safer

01-06-2010 -- Productive Farmland in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties Protected Permanently from Development


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