Funding and Administrative Documents

2010 Request for Proposals

The 2010 Watershed Coordinator Grants Request For Proposals PDF is a 24.4 MB file.  Depending upon the computer used, it may take several minutes to download.  For convenience, the RFP has been broken down into sections which are easier to download.

     2010 Watershed Coordinator Grants Request For Proposals (RFP) (PDF) 24.4 MB

Sections of the RFP

     2010 Watershed Coordinator Grants 2010 RFP-No HUC info.pdf

     2010 Appendix A1 8-Digit Watershed Map

     2010 Appendix A2 Map of 10 Hydrologic Regions   

     2010 Appendix B 10-Digit Watershed Maps  

     2010 Appendix C Example Work Plan

     2010 Appendix D Example Budget Form

     2010 Appendix E Glossary

     2010 Appendix F Economically Disadvantaged Communities

     2010 WCGP Work Plan Form (Word)

     2010 WCGP Budget Form (Word)

     Cooperation Database (10-11-2010 version; includes entries received before 11 AM on 10-11-2010)

     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2007 Request for Proposals

Grant Administration Forms

2010 Grant Administration Forms

2007 Grant Administration Forms

Grant Recipients and Reports to the Bay Delta Authority