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Standard and Custom Important Farmland Maps

Map products include both paper and digital formats! 

Please download the product order form or contact us for more information:

Standard Map Products
Important Farmland Maps

Printed color maps are available at a scale of 1:100,000 or 1:120,000.  Published on a county basis. 

Full size PDF versions of the maps are available.

Digital spatial data (GIS) Download data directly to GIS systems. For information on FTP site structure, please enter via the
FTP Readme page.  Don't forget the metadata!
Important Farmland in California, 2008
(check back soon for the 2010 map)
Color map showing current land use within the FMMP survey area, available in four sizes, are available on our FTP site (PDF).

Regional maps

New! 2010 maps of Northern and Southern parts of the San Joaquin Valley are now available.

Are available on our FTP site (PDF, 6 to 18 MB).  Formatted for 36" plotter or available as paper maps. 
Custom Map Products
Map enlargements* and overlays


Printed color enlargements or digital files (PDF) showing farmland information at the scale of your choice.  Various file formats.  Limited cartographic enhancement.  A few examples can be found on this page.  

The county PDF maps posted on the FTP site can also be used for zooming in and printing your area of interest.

Other custom map products Customized presentation products or GIS analysis can be conducted for an hourly fee*.
Maps & Graphics on this Site
Time Series Maps  Animated gif files (72 dpi) capturing land use change, as mapped by FMMP, in various locations over time. Data layers available in 300 dpi jpg format by request.
Survey Area Map Indicates extent of FMMP mapping in 49 counties.
Sample map enlargements (PDF) Examples of these digital snapshots are available on this page.
* Please note that publication and/or use of FMMP data at scales greater than 1:100,000 is considered to be an enlargement.